Motivation struggles

Hey everyone,

I have been silent for some time and thought I would write today to break that.

I have been struggling a little bit lately with some set backs that seem to be putting me off getting back on the horse!

I’ve had a tough time at work which hasn’t helped but did complete my good friends baby blanket, which I will post soon when I get some good photos – forgot to take some before giving the blanket to them!

Anyways, been trying to make a bomber jacket made of this beautiful parrot fabric (below).

I was really excited to make it, never made a jacket before, and wanted to line it. Trying to figure out the best way to line it wasn’t my favourite bit but got through that. Then I was very stupid and decided I was going to shorten the sleeve pattern piece to cut my fabric. Due to the raglan cut of the sleeve, which I did not consider, I took a good chunk off the length. DISASTER! I did not realise this mistake until after I had constructed both sleeves and attached the cuffs. The cuffs by the way, also caused me some serious grief, picking and unpicking about 6 times!

The sleeve is stupidly short on my arm now, not even going to show any photos cos I’m that embarrassed by the mistake!

I had bought the fabric a long time ago whilst visiting my sister in law in Bristol, think the shop was called Flo Jo. Not sold any longer and I can’t find it online either 😣 The fabric I have left can make one whole sleeve and not quite a full sleeve.

I’ve thought about cutting the sleeve and trying to patch some bits together to make a sleeve. But every time I think about sorting it out/cutting out, I get saddened by the fact that it won’t be perfect and frustrated about doing all the work I’ve done up to this point all over again. I’m stuck.

I think I’m going to leave it for this week and see how I feel then. Anyone else get stuck like this? Any advice?


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