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Hey everyone,

Gunna be honest, since the bridesmaids dresses, I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my sewing mojo! I spent ages trying to decide what I was gunna make. I picked up my half made skirt, finished it but as I had lost weight since I started it, it didn’t fit perfectly. The waist was all baggy and the hip area is a bit weird. I’m still going to wear it to work as most of the stuff I wear to work seems to not fit properly! I also spent time making the lining which I’m pretty proud of how it looks on the inside too. Apologies for the skirt being all creased, had washed it and not ironed it yet when I had taken the photos!



I thought I would make a tried and tested pattern that I also had the fabric for – my Sewaholic Renfrew. Really happy with the fabric, I picked it up a little while back from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton, don’t think they sell it anymore but it’s a lovely petrol colour.  Knocked it up really quickly which is what I needed however, I stretched out the back of the neck band! Boo! I am now slowly unpicking the three point zig zag stitch, argh! Anyways, I left that for a little while cos I couldn’t be bothered with fixing it but now that the weather is cooler, I figured I might need to actually wear it!

Anyways, whilst I was having bad luck with my two projects, I had a thought about what I would like to sew in the coming few months. I’m not going to put a timeline on it but wanted to get it down so I might actually work towards getting them done!

1. A shirt – I bought a pattern a while ago after seeing some lovely ones by Lladybird; I really liked basically all of her versions so picked up a Butterick 5526. I picked up some grey and white stripped shirting cotton from Fabric Land. Thought that would be a good one to make a wearable toile… did not consider that the stripes would be a ball ache to match and make sure was straight. Anyways, it’s cut out and am part way through so will blog when it is done.

2. A pair of trousers – so I have made a pair of trousers before and felt that I fit them pretty well but my fabric choice was poor. Not sure that was 100% my fault as I took the recommendation from the Sew Over It website although Lisa may not have known about the poor recovery of the fabric. I want to try the Ultimate Trousers again and again have picked up some plain black, boring I know, but practical for work.

3. A bomber jacket – I had great plans for a bomber jacket some time ago. I picked up some really lovely large print parrot fabric to make one and then got a bit stumped with the ribbing for the cuff and neckline. I’ve gone for it and picked some up to give it a go.

4. A coat – this is the one plan in my list that I do not have the pattern nor the fabric for. I think I want a classic coat, something in a green wool, something like this but I have really liked the look of the Kelly anorak so I’m undecided. Let me know if you have any thoughts!

Well, wish me luck with the rest of the shirt,


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