Official photos of the bridesmaids dresses

Hey everyone,

Quick one today with a few photos of the bridesmaids dresses. I warn ya, it’s gunna be photo heavy!












I’m not even sorry for all the photos! Our photographer Alisa Roberts was amazing 🙂

On to the knitty gritty about the makes, cost and final thoughts. I bought the fabric from Calico Laine, and loved the colour throughout. All the men wore the navy and green ties like my husband, eee! and it looks fab. I could pick fault in the dresses but I really don’t to, it was the most amazing day and the girls looked fab. I’m really proud of myself.


Pattern: Betty Dress  – £14.50, I traced the pattern 4 times and intend to make myself one at some point. So will be £2.90 per dress.

Fabric: £143.84 for all 16 metres and I still have some off cuts that I could make something out of later on.

Zips and thread: £6.36 for the zips were from Calico Laine and the thread was from Fabric Land, think it was probably a fiver in total for 4 spools.

Total: £169.70 for all four dresses, less than £43 per dress which I’m really proud of considering how expensive bridesmaids dresses can be from a shop.

Anyways, that’s enough for now.


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