And I’m back!

Hello everyone!

So for those how have read my blog before, you will have noticed the significant silence the past few weeks. Life has been mad! I have changed job on top of sewing the bridesmaids dresses, also been involved in a serious DIY job and have been ongoing deciding final wedding plans.

Fortunately, I have come pretty much to the end of finishing the bridesmaids dresses now! I realised a few weeks back that due to the diminishing timeline I can not line the bodice of the dresses as I would have liked and planned. It took me significantly longer than expected to complete the dresses and make sure the fit is right. I’ve had to be realistic and the amount of time that everything else has taken, and so I have overlocked the inside of the bodice facing. I was pretty gutted about this, but only the blog readers and me will know šŸ˜‰.

So here are some photos of some of the dresses!

Sophie trying on her dress

Em trying on her dress for the second round of fitting

I really like looking at other blogs with inside shots, so here are some of one of the dresses. It may not be as pretty as it would have been being lined but I’m still pretty pleased with my tidying up job!

So pleased with how neat this is!

The Betty pattern doesn’t had a waist belt and I really wanted the girls to have something a little extra to their dresses; seemed more formal/occasion that way. Plus really liked the look of this dress on Pinterest.

So I drafted my own waist belt. Took a bit of figuring, having not drafted anything myself before. I figured how long I wanted the tails of the bow and how much of the belt would be needed to tie the bow, and added this to the waist measurements. I also considered proportionality of the width of the belts to the girls, so the bigger sizes have a marginally wider belt to be more flattering.

I wanted slanted ends too and am pretty pleased with how they have turned out.

Now, going back to the long overdue Me Made May challenge… Well it didn’t turn out as I’d planned. I knew it was going to be a challenge! There are some factors that led to not being able to complete my challenge as fully as I planned. The weather was very warm, if we can all remember that far back! And I had only a few items of clothing appropriate for that heat in my small bank of ‘me made’ clothes. I’ve also lost weight, meaning that most of the clothes didn’t sit/fit right anymore. As an addition, I think as I’ve become more confident and competent in sewing I expect more from the fit of my clothes!

So I learnt a lot from Me Made May which I think is part of the idea with the challenge. I had made a note of a couple of clothing items that I definitely need. I had had a clear out of clothes that don’t fit anymore and I missed a couple of items including a ‘Moss’ style skirt in cream ideally and a couple of elbow length tunics. When I have finished with my bridesmaids dresses/wedding I will be able to start thinking about making some of these! If anyone has any ideas of good tunic patterns please let me know in the comments. I also started an Akita top by Seamwork and it’s still half done so would like to finish that at some point too, maybe before our mini moon a week after our wedding, but maybe not!

Akita has only been cut out, not gotten much further

I’m really looking forward to not sewing the same dress over and over and am excited to start sewing something for me again!

I will update again after the wedding in a couple of weeks with some photos of my lovely friends in their dresses šŸ™‚

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