One bridesmaid dress complete!

Hey everyone,

Today I want to show you the first bridesmaids dress that I have near enough completed!

Thankfully the toile (mock up in crap fabric) didn’t need too much adjustment, only coming in on the sides and back since Sophie has lost weight since Christmas.

Lots of photos in this post, yay! Just bare in mind that the dress is on Paisley who is set on my measurements, not going to risk adjusting it as she is old lol!

Sophie’s toile

Sophie’s toile back

I have now completed the bodice, skirt and zip and just need to meet up with her to try it on before hemming the dress! Woop!

Sophie’s bodice

I’m really pleased with how well it has turned out.

I’m really chuffed with my under stitching!

And my secret little something for the girls..

My machine does some lovely lettering so thought I would make all the dresses individual on the inside. I’m also planning on using different coloured lining to add to that.

I will line all the dresses, however figured it is better for them all to have something to wear and therefore do the lining later.

I had forgotten to adjust the skirt when I had adjusted the bodice so had to do some last minute adjustments but think it turned out alright.

I lined up the bodice seams to the skirt seams and used my french curve to grade the seams down.

Skirt is too large!

Grading out to the seam

I sorted the skirt seams out and they were lined up nicely when I realised that there were puckers! Argh! So then had to unpick a large chunk of the seam again to sort it out.

Puckering nightmare

Sorted out the puckers and I’m really happy with how it looks. The circle skirt folds so nicely and love the colour still.

Sophie’s dress (nearly) finished

Sophie back

It just needs a good press and to check it on Sophie before finishing it off.

I have sorted the pattern adjustments for the second dress last weekend, and have cut out the fabric this weekend, for round two!



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