Thinking about Me Made May…

Hey everyone,

Zoe from Sozowhatdoyouknow posted last weekend about next month and starting Me Made May challenges. I can’t believe it’s come round so quickly! I have never joined in before, I have been tempted but have always thought that I don’t have enough me made clothes to join in to make it a success.

I really want to do a bit for me in the midst of bridesmaid dress making, slowly coming along by the way, so thought I would check out my creations to figure out what I could use for Me Made May as I wana give it a go this year! *WARNING – photo heavy post*

So here is a breakdown of my makes, first up my dresses:

Grace and Sophie dresses

Emy dress and scalloped edge Lilou dress

I love all these dresses and have worn them for special occasions but not sure they are regular day wear?!

Next up:

Hawthorn dress and Miette skirt

I think these are do-able in the everyday wardrobe options. The Miette skirt was actually my first make and I regularly wear it. Oh, there are all the buttons on my Hawthorn dress but can’t be bothered to button them all for the photos!

My tops seem to be a bit more cold weather wear so I might find this difficult to wear in the upcoming hopefully warm May.

My two Coco tops


GBSB shell top and Renfrew top

I love my Renfrew top, wish I could live it to be honest.

Cleo dungaree dress and Ultimate trousers

My Cleo dress really needs a good hammering, the studs need clamping down more, bit worried I might have a flashing moment when out! The ultimate trousers are a shame cos they fit so nicely but the fabric was a bad choice and they bag out after half a day’s wear.

Now for the projects/UFOs…

Adelaide dress

I think my Adelaide dress could be my go to dress but I need to fix the arm binding as it’s coming loose 🙁

My ice cream shorts that I never finished!! Woops, I guess the weather got colder I lost momentum. Might be good to finish these!

Ice cream shorts


Delphine skirt

My half finished Delphine skirt, I think I stopped cos it’s just boring black isn’t it?!

Well that’s it, I think! Not sure what to make of my line up really.. guess I could put something me made together a couple of times a week? What do you think? Definitely need more warm weather tops!

I have the fabric stash and pattern collection of someone who can sew a lot faster than I do! I have the bits to put together a Moneta so may try to get that together soon to supplement the line up for Me Made May.

So here we go.. ‘I, Tash of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear a me made item of clothing 3 days a week for the duration of May 2017’

Well that is all for now!


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