Bridesmaid’s dresses – The Fabric

Hello everyone,

Just a quick one to show you my choice of fabric for my bridesmaid’s dresses. This has been the hardest part for me to be honest, harder that picking the pattern. I knew exactly what shade I wanted the dresses to be and the frustration came when I couldn’t find the fabric that was in my head!

I wanted an emerald/peacock colour green. All my ladies have brown hair so would look nice on them and it would compliment my red hair. I initially thought about doing them in a crepe as it’s a bit different to my usual cotton however, after making the first toile in the salmon coloured crepe I hated working with it! I didn’t think the bounciness of the fabric did any favours for the darts and want it to look formal. I tried to press the crepe and that was a nightmare too. So currently have around 2 metres of salmon coloured crepe that is no longer needed or wanted, please let me know if you would like to take it off my hands!

As crepe was out of the question and my desire for a specific colour was imperative to me, I figured cotton was a good bet and actually looks nice for the circle skirt in giving it some structure.

I purchased around 20 samples in the end! I tried online  mainly as where I live is pretty minimal in terms of fabric shop options and those options ran dry. In the end, found the closest to the colour that I wanted from Calico Laine . I’ve tried to re-find the exact fabric link to share with you but can’t seem to find it, sorry. They do have a good selection to choose from and a good price. I think it was £8.99 per metre so kept within my bridesmaid dress budget 🙂





The difficulty in choosing the correct colour to sample is sort of reflected in how different the photo colours look above.  The zips are described as a different shade of green but took a chance ; was spot on with my zip colour guess! Winning!

Washing the whole 16 metres was touch and go in one wash, and was concerned that I would have to cut into it and potentially cock up the cutting out of the pieces later. Thankfully I have a large washing machine with a 9kg drum. Drying it was hilarious!


I had to move it over two airers in the end to make it is all dry. It was a work out and a half! Lifting the weight of the wet fabric was interesting!. Even now, moving it dry is a couple of arm fulls! Anyway, after the wash I am still really happy with the colour 🙂

On with the cutting out, my least favourite bit to be honest and part that I am most concerned about as there is so much fabric to contend with! Wish me luck!


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