Bridemaid’s dresses – The Start

Hey everyone,

For the people who do not know me in person, I am getting married in August and had decided a long time ago that I would make the bridesmaid’s dresses. Two reasons for this: one, I seem to have always made a new frock to attend my friend’s weddings since I started sewing more confidently and so it would seem odd, in my mind at least, to not have something hand made by me at my own wedding. Secondly, I could not find a style I liked in a colour that I wanted, off the rail on the internet nor in shops. So it made sense to make my bridesmaid’s dresses so I can feel super proud of my accomplishment and that they are wearing exactly what I wanted them to be wearing.

Just a side note, never wanted to attempt my own wedding dress. Big up to those who can and have but I personally do not have enough confidence to tackle this and really did not know what style I wanted either!

So, what style did I want my lovely girls in? Something flattering for all their shapes and a bit special. My girls all have lovely jubblies and I wanted them away on my big day, so something with a boat neck. I did initially start making alterations to a New Look pattern that I already own but figured I was making too much work for myself – the Betty Dress was clearly a better choice!


So, off I have started making the four toiles for my ladies. To make things more difficult for myself, my ladies are all different shapes and dress sizes. I have currently made one full toile of the bodice which was pretty good first time, needs just a little in on the waist – easy.



For some reason, I could just not get my head around how to  construct the straps to be able to turn them right side out.

Betty dress instructions

Thankfully after looking through the sew-along and doing it incorrectly yet again another time, I did it properly!

On to the next three, traced the pattern and adapted where needed for two of them.

One left to go!


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