Cleo dungaree dress

Hey everyone,

I made a Cleo dress!

I wasn’t sure at first about the dungaree dress but after seeing so many lovely versions I wanted to join in so bought a PDF of the pattern.

The fabric was from my stash, think it was from Fabric Land a while ago. I must have bought it with a project in mind but can’t remember what!!

I tell you what, this has been such a nightmare for what is a nice simple pattern! I wanted to share this before Christmas but have been so busy as usual.

Firstly, the fabric was clearly not 100% cotton as I stupidly pressed the front seam without testing it and scorched the cord and had to re-cut another two front pieces, argh! So the rest of the dress was very lightly pressed using a pressing cloth of calico. Don’t know about anyone else but the calico works well for me.

Anyways, I also had a nightmare with the last step but one in making buttonholes. I planned the buttoned version but my machine just did not want to play ball! I tried three times but it was just chewing up the fabric when making the buttonholes. It was such a pain in the ass to unpick cos of the pile of the fabric, I thought I was going to poke a hole through it! I think the issue was that my machine could not take both layers of the front and facing evenly, maybe if I had a walking foot for my machine it wouldn’t have been an issue??

Look at that mess!!

Anyways gave up on the button holes option and ordered some dungaree clips and jean buttons. I’m always a little nervous about using a new technique or potentially project ruining action but they were SO EASY! I didn’t bother much top stitching as I thought you won’t be able to see it with this size wale of cord.

Sorry for the lack of photo on me, the weather and light has been awful and when it was good out, it was in the wash.

Conclusion – super easy to make apart from the sodding button hole situation. It was super comfy with some leggings. Will be making another one using the dungaree clips 😃


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