Calamity Jane costumes

Hey everyone!

For those of you who have read some of my older posts will know that I have helped with costume before in a local production company – Winchester Musicals and Opera Society. The first show I helped with was A Midsummer’s Night Dream, which thinking about it I also have not blogged about! Haha that will be soon I hope. So anyways, the society’s most recent production was on a few weeks ago and I worked on some costumes for Calamity – played by my good friend EJ.

The first one I was working on is a floor length day dress that was made from an old skirt from the costume store. Sounds like a big ask getting a dress from a skirt, oh no, not with this MASSIVE gathered skirt! No idea what it was made for but also had what I imagine is a bustle cover. Loads of fabric to play with. Forgot to take a photo of the big skirt but did get the bustle cover.

The pattern I put together from a couple of dress patterns I already had. I made the round neck to a square neck and made the sleeves elbow length so I could reuse some of the lace edge that was on the original skirt. The original skirt pattern was gathered but I changed this for two reasons: I personally prefer the look of a pleated skirt and also find it really difficult to evenly gather fabric! So it was made into a pleated skirt.

After overlocking the edge, I just folded it over for speed.

I used my pinking shears for the internal seams, mixed and matched them really depending on how organised I was at the time.

After this photo, I checked the length to hem and sorted out those crazy shoulders! I also added some lace around the neck line and sleeves which I saved off the original skirt.

And here is the wonderful EJ on the stage in the dress! She was so amazing and a few of the nights sold out.

Well that’s it for now..


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