Dabbling with making toys

Just realised how long it has been since my last post! Crazy!

Anyways I have been up to a few bits that I thought I would share today. I have been doing some not so exciting curtain alterations but they definitely needed doing. The curtains came from Ikea and anyone who has bought curtains from Ikea knows that they are like a mile long. Well not quite that long but still pretty ridiculous. The curtains also had a loose weave and so not great for any sort of lie in. I rehomed the lining off our old curtains, also from Ikea – man I love that place, and re-used them in the new ones. Here’s half way through the process:




Ended up taking up the tabs, then back down a bit as I had made them a bit short so drawing the curtains was a bit of a pain. I had to cut the lining down and kept the original hem, overlocking the sides. Pretty pleased with them 🙂

I have also been doing some more fun sewing – baby shower gifts! Two of my good friends are both due babies in November and they have both had baby showers. I didn’t want to make a post on the gifts until they had both opened/received them as they were surprises. Unfortunately forgot to take a lot of photos and the first one I gave to my friend Em I forgot to take a photo at all so this was provided after I had given it to her!


Pirate racoon

Pirate racoon

Em is having a her second little boy and she likes pirates/skulls so thought this fabric would be fitting on a racoon! I even spent time cutting the pieces out individually so I could pattern match (made me happy).

My other friend Pip is expecting a little girl and so thought I would go all out girly in my fabric choices! I also thought it would be nice to make her a little bow and remembered to take photos of this one!

Baby girl bunny complete!

Baby girl bunny complete!


Unfortunately one of her eye stitches popped whilst filling her with stuffing so slightly odd eyes :/

The pattern is Simplicity 1549 which I received for free (woo!). When I bought my overlocker, maybe in May/June last year, Weaverdee were doing an offer that if you spend over a certain amount, then you got some money off, sorry I can’t remember the figures but it was a good deal and I got a few bits from them. At the time, they were still quite new in business and did not have a lot of fabric for sale but now they have loads on offer and always seem to have some promotion code! My fabric for the racoon was from Fabric Land and for the bunny was from a little independent place in Romsey called Greenhill who are always very friendly when I pop in on my lunch break.

Pretty chuffed with how they both turned out and the mums-to-be both liked them too 🙂

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