I’ve been on holiday!

So I’ve been a bit quiet on here as been trying to get stuff sorted for going on holiday and a few other bits that sometimes get in the way!

Benjy and I went to Italy for our friends’ wedding – Sam and Lauren. The place was so frickin’ beautiful and the day was so lovely. Super hot there too – like 33 degrees for most of the week, I think the hottest day was the actual wedding day. I wore my Grace dress again which was really nice with the lining to make it slightly more comfortable whilst sweating in the heat!



Don’t they look gorgeous 😀

The gorgeous bride and groom

The gorgeous bride and groom




So back to sewing, I did eventually get the poppers on my Adelaide dress to play ball, yay! Which meant that I could wear it on our holi-bob; this was good when it was so hot and respectable length enough for the cathedral in Milan (with a hoodie over the shoulders!).



I’ll do a full shot soon.. sorry for the wrinkles, took it off for the photo

Before the holiday I tried desperately to get a pair of Maritime shorts (Grainline Studios) completed to wear on said holiday however, didn’t quite make it. Figured it was probably more important to pack rather than try to finish the shorts!


Look! Ice cream pockets!! Eeee! Bit sad now though that it isn’t likely to get a lot of wear before next summer, oh well!


Now, what to make next.. any suggestions?



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  1. Sophie says:

    I like your ice-cream pockets 😊

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