Adelaide dress update

Hey everyone,

Whilst it has been glorious outside I have had a serious lack of something nice to wear out for the hot weather. So I have cracked on with the Seamwork Adelaide dress that I downloaded a little while ago. I like the simple shape and thought it would be lovely made up in the blue cross fabric from my Isle of Wight trip.


My toile (mock up in naff fabric to check out the fit) turned out not too bad! Just needed to move the darts out an inch and making the straps narrower. I did this by cutting an inch off the outerside of the straps and adding it to the innerside – perfect!


I did have a weird situation where the front and back had a big difference in length although I think that’s from tracing off the pattern and then adding the bottom to it, still a good length on me!


Have you ever made bias binding before? I hadn’t! This was new to me and probably took the longest of the whole dress so far. The pattern says a 2 hour make which I think it would be from cutting if you don’t have to make the binding, a right load of faff! Although I did it 🙂




I haven’t installed snap fasteners/poppers before and wanted some lovely pearly ones, so I ordered some lovely ones online and am just waiting on the pliers to have a go! Anyone else think that ‘poppers’ describe the fastenings on strippers clothes? You know, so they can rip them off quick? Haha!

Pearly poppers *snigger*

This is what the dress looks like so far…

Adelaide dress sans snaps/poppers

Wish me luck with the snaps!


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