The never-ending Hawthorn dress completed

Hey everyone,

So part of the reason for starting my blog was to spur me on to sew a bit faster and finish things. I have been sewing my Hawthorn dress, for I honestly couldn’t tell you.


This dress has been challenging, I have had difficulties with setting in the sleeves, redoing them about 3 times each! I then hemmed it and that took an age for me to get round to doing. Then it sat there again… cos I’m chicken when it comes to putting in buttons. Although not just a couple, there are 13 in this dress and are quite a central feature and I didn’t want to mess them up!

So here is my progress on biting the bullet and doing it! I had to get my sewing machine manual out as I haven’t actually sewn any button holes since I bought my machine about a year ago. I even had to look at my machine’s manual for the button holes!


The button hole placement on the pattern were no good for me and so I spent a while figuring out where they all should go, I had a little practice run on one of my discarded sleeves and off I went. Hindsight, should have checked the button fit through the practice one but they were fine, phew! I based the distance from the edge from my RTW (ready to wear) shirt.
IMG_7768                                              IMG_7769



I put the dress on,  checked the distance I needed to overlap the sides at the waist button and then based all the buttons on this measurement, double and triple checked it all and used tailors tacks to mark the button placements.

So here is the finished dress…



Sorry for the dark photos, tried to catch a good evening for the photos – didn’t happen this week!

Gunna be honest, bit disappointed with the fit on the bodice. I did make a rough toile but I guess since starting the make, I have become better at fitting and so it is loose. I think it is because I have a small back and so the collar is leading to the top part to be too loose. When I pinch in the centre back of the collar, it does improve the fit. Anyways, I like the dress and it is comfy, definitely learnt a lot too so all good stuff    🙂


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