The finished article and the beautiful bride!

For those of you who have me on facebook would have seen, I did finish the dress in time for my friend’s wedding! I’m gunna be honest, I didn’t like cutting it that fine but I had been a bit slack in getting on with it sooner in the year. So, here are the photos!


Grace ‘Flora Dress’ from the front



Grace ‘Flora Dress’ from the back

The back needs an iron in these photos!

I really like the waterfall hem on the dress, makes it different. The knife and box pleats were new to me on this project and were super easy – didn’t mess that bit up! I really like them.

Now for the photos with the bride! She looked stunning and it was a really beautiful day.

The new Mr and Mrs A at the church

Mr and Mrs A at the church



With the beautiful bride Grace



Inside the reception venue

Before I sign off for today, I do have a question. You may be able to see in some of the photos that I have some weird bodice wrinkles or boob lines as I started to call them. Any idea how I could have rectified this on my toile?


Boob lines :/

I thought they may have disappeared when I had added the skirt to weigh it down a bit. When I played with the darts, it didn’t help. I would like to avoid this next time I make something by ‘By Hand London’. Has anyone got any suggestions?


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  1. Jo says:

    Beautiful Tash! (you and the dress) you are so clever x

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