Grace dress update

Hey everyone, last time on my Grace dress I had messed up the invisible zip and had to unpick one of the sides to re-try. This time I have been successful, well kind of..
Those of you who have put in a zip into a lined dress might have noticed my mistake which I only noticed when I went to finish the seam below the zip — I had sewn in the zip with the lining! This project is not making it easy for me on a deadline!!


I had taken more care with inserting the right side again, lining up the sides at the waistline and pinning it to mark it properly. Oo, you may also notice in this post that there are better quality photos, not using my phone but a proper camera now; can you tell the difference?


I even tacked it this time!


Then I got to this point! The lining is meant to cover the zip and did not realise this until this point as the lining seam was going to show at the back due to the waterfall hemline. So I had to improvise and turn it around from the bottom of the zip.


Don’t think it turned out too badly in the end, quite pleased in fact!



I hand sewed the tops of the zip down. The top and waist line up now  🙂

I am finally onto the last step of hemming both lining and shell, just in the knick of time too considering I only have until this weekend to get it done, eek! Wish me luck!



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