Invisible zip mistakes!

I found a little time over the weekend to fit my invisible zip in to my Grace dress, well attempt to anyways. It didn’t go to plan…

I set up pinning in one side

IMG_20160514_165541 (1)

The top of the zip was spot on


The bottom was a bit out of the 5/8th seam allowance but still okay as it was going to be in the fullness of the skirt so not the end of the world





Cocked up matching the sides up, I even followed the suggestion on the flora sewalong to fit it but clearly something went wrong with moving the pin to mark the waist band, doh! So what I have learnt is to tack in the zip before sewing the whole thing in and not try to speed up the process cos this did not pay off!

Currently the dress has a half finished zip. I didn’t have a lot of time and am not likely to this week as I am helping with costume for a production of A Midsummer’s Nights Dream in Winchester. Dress rehearsal tomorrow and helping backstage on a couple of the shows. I am hoping to take a photo of a couple of the costumes that I have helped with. That’s all for now!


2 thoughts on “Invisible zip mistakes!

  1. You may have already done this but another tip I learnt with inserting an invisible zip is to Open the zip and press the coils flat which helps you to stitch closer to the teeth.

  2. Zips terrify me. Putting them in, I mean. If I had a sewing blog it would be called Slapdashery so I don’t like to think about the carnage that would ensue if I attempted something this hard! Good luck!

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